January 27, 2012

Time to refresh!

Take a Fresh Breath

Time for a fresh post!  Although it's not quite spring time I still think it's due for some fresh color!  A Taste of Joy has some very exciting opportunities coming up.  One of these is a Valentine's Banquet I will be catering and decorating.  A few naps from the kids, a few burnt finger tips, and more then a few flowers later.. Over 50 cloth flowers to be placed on the napkins were created.  Just a taste of how darling this banquet will hopefully turn out to be! 

  And just a small touch of the decorations that will be around that night~

Didn't have the greatest camera but these are a few fun pictures of some duck cookies. I had the chance to make these for a baby shower last week.. Some of you wanted to see the finished outcome so here you are~

A few cakes will be coming soon too, so stay in tune... A Taste of Joy is back!

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  1. yay! a new post! finally :) you are so creative and i've missed seeing your beautiful creations. keep it up, lady!