March 20, 2012

A Happy Birth*sunny*day!

Chase Hoffman& Lindsey Harrington (soon to be Hoffman as well)  are an adorable engaged couple from here in Holland.  Their love for each other shines so bright!  Lindsey decided to plan a special date for her man for his 23rd Birthday!  She came to me and we got to work... We had a four course meal including Fruit Skewers with Sweet Cream Dip, Fresh Garden Salad, Lemon Pepper Taliapia, Zesty Rice, Green Beans, Garlic Butter Rolls... for dessert ~Key Lime Pie/Cream Puff Cupcakes!  Then after the meal they started on a new adventure!  A photo scavenger which included a game of mega jenga and his Birthday gifts. It turned out to be a perfect day for the couple to travel around town!....  

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