May 29, 2012

Happy 90th Birthday Grandma!

90 years of love!

My Grandma, Dorothy Hotchkiss, had her 90th Birthday!!!  We decided to make a celebration like never before.  She has a heart of gold so we wanted to make this day special for her.  Living five hours away made it a bit hard but I pulled together a cupcake spread that just said a little "I love you" to my wonderful Grandma Dot.

My beautiful Grandma herself:
The first party was with immediate family and I decided to go with a refreshing summer lunch:

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The next day was my Grandma's open house.  We had cupcakes and a delicious punch... I think here I'm actually making strawberry short cake for my dad though =)

She had a full house with more love from people than she could have ever imagined.:

Wish you all the LOVE and JOY Grandma Dot!!!

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