February 20, 2012

Sweet Love Valentine

A lovely Valentines dinner for a lovely church, http://www.venturabaptistchurch.org/.  From the fun loving songs to the desserts this was a sweet tasty night for all guests.  This location was just magnificent with it's large tree trunks and real wooden tables.  Just beautiful!  http://www.servicemytrees.com/  is where this banquet was taken place.  They are now opening the location for events and A Taste of Joy was thrilled to be one of the first to cater here.  
As most of you know the norm is not the way around here.  Red and Pink are just not my favorite colors to work with so!... because of this I got to splash a little yellow and pink together to make a 'sweet spring' Valentine's banquet... instead of a clashy one! 

Using some glass vases, painted bottles, green bean cans, Hobby Lobby flowers, & yellow burlap runners it turned out just darling.  Have to have hearts somewhere right?...  Using a cookie cuter to trace out cute hearts to dress up the ends of the tables!

A small rose was placed at each place setting for a bit more color:
There was a full course meal~ Roast Beef, Rotisserie Chicken, Red Skin Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Green Bean Casserole and to top it off, home made Dinner Rolls

Oh my! Don't forget about dessert... My sweet tooth got away from me as I started to bake... here are some sweets I came up with:  

And at last a mouth watering Lemon Lush Cake to top it all off!  

This is one of our quality workers so excited to serve our guests!  He thought maybe he could be the new face for A Taste of Joy... no worries we are still auditioning...

A heart felt thank-you to the following friends and family:  
Jane & Brandon Negley
Doug & Olivia Sweat 
Ashley Fritz
Barbara Grummet
And my wonderful husband Josh Willink
~With out each and everyone of you this day would not have been possible!


  1. Okay this is seriously lovely Carrie! You amaze me.

    1. Thank-you doll! It was a fun banquet to do!