February 11, 2013

Tea Time!

This couldn't be any more fun!  These little ladies had the time of their lives as they dressed up as fairies and went to tea!  Celebrating two Birthdays in one Lindsey Hoffman did a fabulous job of putting on this party for her nieces... I got to do the baking:)
Happy Birthday you beautiful girls! And give a hoary to the party host... she wins the best Aunt award for sure!!


  1. Any chance you'll shed light on how you made them? I thought they were cupcakes with the tops cut off but they look much bigger than that. I LOVE them. They are so pretty and fun and girlie and yes.

  2. I'm glad you like them! I just made cakes the way I regularly do and just cut it down all mini... Used a large sheet pan and some random things around to find the size I wanted:) I can explain sometime better in a message or something;) Have a blessed day!