August 1, 2011

My Wedding

Once upon a time…

There was a boy who married a girl... Things were just as great as the expected!

3 years ago today I married my BEST friend!  I don't know what I would do with out him.  He means everything.  I think I should write the rest I will write in a card and not on here:) So how about you hear about our wedding?! We had a bit traditional with a bit of nontraditional.  To have all of our friends and family their with us meant the world to us..
 Here's a few highlights before the wedding started:

I did all my own appetizers and roped my bridesmaids into helping me.  This was for sure a 'do it all yourself'" wedding but I had a great time with it.  The hair piece that my niece has on I made with some wire, ribbon, glue and flowers.  I just loved the way both of these turned out!  They both wore sun dresses from Target that were just so cute.
Before the wedding we took some beautiful beach/gazebo shots:

Bridesmaids left to right: 
Barbara Grummet, Ashley Fritz, Jenna Weaver, Windy Thompson & Sarah Willink
Groomsmen left to right:
Matt Smith, Justin Schaap, TJ Willink, Doug Sweat, Dan Forman, Derek Scott 
After the ceremony it started to rain softly.  After ten minutes a rainbow came out and we had a beautiful night in front of us!  I wanted everyone to show up in style, so each couple had there very own 'fancy' car to be announced at the wedding, it was a riot!
Our reception was right outside of our church in a beautiful gazebo.  We had smoothies catered, cake and appetizers for all!  What a beautiful night it was.

The reception was a wonderful time, but the party wasn't over yet! We went to my now in laws to enjoy some swing dancing and more food. This was a wonderful way to almost end the night!

And they lived happily ever after!!!

I would like to give credit to the following:

Pastor: Dan Thompson
Voice-Hannah Rose Baker
Coordinator: Daniel Sterner
Cake: Marissa Smith
MC: Jason Sterner
And all the behind work to those of you who I didn't mention, thank-you!

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